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Home Office Design: How To Make Working From Home Feel Less Like Work

Whoever coined the old saying, “Don’t take work home with you” did not envision the remote workplace culture we live in today. The coronavirus pandemic has blurred the lines between personal and professional like never before.

As we head into the fall of 2020, so much still remains uncertain, in the business world and the world at large. But one thing seems crystal clear: The home office is here to stay.

It’s time to embrace change and settle into a “new normal” by reimagining the home office space. With the right design vision, a home office can be a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the household, where one can focus on daily tasks and teleconferences without feeling trapped and isolated.

Develop your unique vision with help from Robert Allen! Our experts recommend focusing on these five key elements when designing a home office.

  • Flexibility. The idea of a home office has now evolved to suit one’s space. Everyone’s home is different, whether it is in a studio apartment or a beachside retreat, there is flexibility in making the space your own. The space should suit your needs whether it is transforming a bedroom, a living room or a kitchen into an inviting workspace. You do you, honey!
  • Comfort. We are most creative and productive when we are in a relaxed and comfortable state. The traditional desk chair is being replaced with an elevated furniture piece whether it is a cozy club chair or a sleek sofa. Have a “hygge” moment and incorporate an opulent fabric such as Robert Allen’s sweater-inspired “Cable Weave” or the luxurious faux furs, Lario Fur and Massimo Weave.
  • Quality. Now that working remotely is becoming a way of life, ditch the makeshift office setup and surround yourself with things of quality. Your space should make you feel empowered, helping to boost your energy level, productivity and morale. Making some minor improvements to the room and upgrading your furniture can transform the aesthetics of the home office. Create a statement wall using an accent wallcovering from our latest collection or using fabric as an upholstered paperback statement piece.
  • Color. The aesthetics should suit one’s personality. If you crave a serene palette, go with soft neutrals and accentuate with a hint a color whether a soft duck egg aqua or a pretty blush. If a stimulating intellectual aura is what feeds the soul, incorporate some bold reds and bricky oranges. If you want to be more in touch with nature, incorporate some woodland greens and sky blues. It’s important to have fun with colors and the possibilities are endless.
  • Texture. Touch is essential, so surround yourself with what feels good and is inspirational. Accent pillows embellished with playful trim, luxurious dimensional throws, and pretty knick knacks that bring a smile to your face. The new concept of the home office should be all about you, so fill it with accents that take you to your happy place!

This fall, transform your home office from a utilitarian space where it’s “all work and no play” to an inviting oasis that reminds you why you love what you do! Find inspiration for your home office design plans by perusing our incredible collections of multipurpose fabric, versatile wallcoverings and custom furniture today!

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