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FOUND by Robert Allen

Authentic, inspiring, modern luxury and global style

Founded in 1938, Robert Allen made our mark on the industry by pioneering and being among the first to emphasize color as a critical tenet of interior design. We spare no effort in valuing that tradition.

Since then, we’ve built a legacy around serving the Interior Design community with bold statement pieces and cutting edge colors. Our tireless efforts have not only resulted in thousands of colors, but many of the right partnerships, including wall coverings, furniture, and decor.

Our obsession with design can only be rivaled by our dedication to delivering quality decor with relevant yet timeless appeal.

We are wild with excitement to share with you the launch of our newest brand, FOUND by Robert Allen!

We're scaling our current product mix to include a collection of furniture, original art, statement pieces, and unique decor curated for global inspiration seekers.

Design is more than a pretty room. A well-designed space is the museum of your life. It leaves breadcrumbs that share who you are and what you value to each visitor. Sometimes it's your grandmother's china cabinet that brings back memories of a carefree summer day in childhood or the polish pottery that you picked up in Europe on your honeymoon.

Those pieces tell a story of a person who values family, travel, and love. Once you have FOUND a piece that you love enough to showcase it - you are threading the story behind that piece into your own story. Creating the narrative of who you are and the life you're living.

Either way, we all know that these finds are rare and limited. Meaning that unless you have boundless time to seek out these treasures, you might be tempted to fill your space with mass-produced items.

This is why our team is continuously scouring the globe for pieces with a story for you.

Artists and Artisans

Artists can be found in the most unexpected places, influenced by their culture and surroundings; they use local materials to create pieces inspired by their own life's journey.

We are committed to using artisans who value the impact their trade has in their local community.

Responsibly sourcing materials and valuing the medium's worthiness to minimize waste, positively impact the local community, and restore traditional disappearing crafts.


Staying true to our passions, we believe artistry lives in the details, and cultural preservation is key to ensuring a continuous flow of design inspiration for future generations to enjoy. The mutual respect for design and the environment that inspires us is key to the relationships we're building with artists and artisans worldwide.

By finding partners that are already creating unique objects from local materials, we are able to ship directly to you from the artist. This is how each artisan own's the production of their work and creates a positive impact in their local communities.

Our appreciation for authentic design and the feeling manifested when the perfect piece is Found drives us.

Expect to find unique pieces that elevate your project & your mood - no passport required.

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