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As the days grow longer with summer, so does our love of the outdoors. Slow mornings with coffee on the porch and lightning bugs at sunset are the small pockets of peace that take us outdoors during the summer.

Whether you find yourself dancing in the moonlight or relaxing next to the pool, creating a paradise outdoors is a necessity.

Bohemian is the perfect fun and effortless style for summer. Its eclectic colors punctuated by quirky art and overstuffed cushions lend themselves to complement outdoor living. The decor is casual and artfully cluttered with sporadic nooks for napping.

Our design team shares 3 elements that are absolute musts for a Boho retreat at home.


The key to creating Boho seating is to keep your seating low. Hammocks and rattan poufs are the perfect options. An array of pillows in the corner makes extra seating and adds an air of comfort. Don't be shy - add pillows until your heart says to stop. They're affordable and a great way to add color.

The natural fibers in Macrame are a key texture found in nature and easily incorporated into your outdoor space by adding a macrame porch swing because nothing says summer like a porch swing.


There aren't hard and fast rules with Boho; you can mix and match colors and styles to your liking. A few favorite colors schemes for the outdoor living area are:

  • Black and white cabana stripes with any bright color
  • Blues and tans to mimic how lakes and oceans lap onto sandy beaches
  • Earthy browns and greens with pops of bold pinks
  • Blue and white cabana stripes with lemony yellow to mimic the Amalfi Coast


The piece a la resistance is the fabric. Much of the summer is spent outdoors lounging in a chaise or dining alfresco. The proven material in Robert Allen's indoor/outdoor collection combines the strength and stain protection you need to withstand the weather conditions, and sauciest BBQ'd ribs.

Earthy-toned fabrics with pops of color and bold stripes create contrast but are still calming and relaxed. You can incorporate these fabrics into your outdoor space with furniture, awnings, umbrellas, and of course, pillows.

Bring it all together by creating varying seating arrangements defined by outdoor rugs.

"The art is in the detail" - Christian Marclay.

Road trips, barbecues, tee times, destination weddings, and long walks on the oceanfront collecting seashells are the business of summer. We embrace all of it - every drop of sun and cannonball hail mary. But after every adventure, we come back home.

So put up your feet, roll your head back and close your eyes, then take a few deep breaths. Lose yourself in the sound of the waves, and when you open your eyes, know that you are surrounded by all the things you love.

We'd love to see the outdoor spaces that you create. Show off your talent by tagging us on Instagram.

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